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The Third 

The Third (Aoi Hitomi no Shojo)
The Third (The Girl with the Blue Eye)

I’m currently watching this anime. There are 24 episodes in total. Not much has been written on the net for this. The setting is post apocalypse, set after a great war. Human population has been greatly reduced and most are living in the desert. The world is being controlled by “The Third”. They have red pupils called “space eyes”. With their power, they can control computer systems and machines.

The story centers about a tomboyish girl named Honoka, a jack of all trade. She accepts all kinds of jobs except murder. In the desert, she rescued a young man named Iks. Their adventure began when Honoka accepted a bodyguard/guide job from mysterious Iks, who seems to be the target of the Blue Breaker, army of The Third.


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Seigaku Team wallpaper (L-R): Momo, Fuji, Oishi, Tezuka, Ryoma, Inui, Takashi, Kaidoh and MomoSeigaku Team wallpaper

This is one of my favorite sports anime aside from Slamdunk which i’ll be writing a review as well. The story revolves around Ryoma Echizen who is the so-called prince of tennis. The following is a lousy excuse of a summary because i’m just starting to write these reviews. So i will edit this again and again…

The story started when Ryoma met Sakuno, the granddaughter of Seigaku’s coach. Sakuno is very poor in giving directions and so of course Ryoma lost his first match upon arriving in Japan which was supposed to be his debut as a tennis player.

And thus began Ryoma’s adventures in Seigaku Tennis club which sprung forth 178 episodes just anime alone. There is still an on-going OVA and manga.


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